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Beijing ziggy rhett biological technology co., LTD., located in the zhongguancun independent innovation demonstration zone vallely science park hill M - Lab in biological medicine incubator, based on regenerative medicine technology research and development as the leading factor, is engaged in basic research of regenerative medicine and cell biology technology and practical application of high-tech enterprises.

The company is a new technology platform integrating cell development, preparation and storage.Company with reference to international norms and standards, both domestic demand diversity, clinical trials for medical institutions, research institutes, etc with high quality, safe, controllable, stable and effective research, clinical, dating back of regenerative medicine products.

The company has the international advanced professional equipment, conforms to the international standard cellular quality control system, grasps the second generation - adult stem cell technology;Third generation immune cell technology;Third generation stem cell technology (iPS).As a new technology research and development platform, we are currently in clinical trials with the first batch of hospitals with clinical trial qualification to declare immune cell/stem cell disease.

  • 1995 Regrater was founded in 1995
  • 20 20 years of development
  • 2014 It was selected as the youth project of the "thousand people plan" in 2014


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